Membership in the National ASCE is required to become a member of the Birmingham Branch ASCE.  Members must also live and work in the geographical area that encompasses Jefferson, Shelby, St. Clair, Walker, Talledega, Calhoun, Cullman and Blount Counties in Alabama to be considered a member or the Birmingham Branch.  If you live and work in Alabama, but in an area that falls outside of our limits, we invite you to go to the Alabama Section website to find out more information about the other 5 branches that are in Alabama.

Why Join ASCE?

Open yourself up to a wealth of benefits that will serve you throughout your career. Join a community of over 146,000 members that help shape the civil engineering profession. - ASCE

Becoming a member of the ASCE will provide you with multiple benefits, including Continuing Education, Professional Development, Webinars, Seminars, Technical Resources, Networking Opportunities and Exclusive Member Benefits and Advantages.   To find a full list of member benefits, visit the National ASCE website at

First, become a member of ASCE by going to the National ASCE Membership page.

Join ASCE or renew your membership at  Dues are based on a sliding scale that starts after graduation and reaches full price in the 5th year after graduations.  Students get in free and dues start at $50 in the first year after graduation.  Full price is $225 a year starting in your 5th year after graduation.  Click the link above to see the full details of membership.  

Then, become a member of the Birmingham Branch ASCE using the link below.

Become a branch member or renew your membership paying for 2015-2016 Birmingham Branch Dues now.  Dues for being a member of the Birmingham Branch are $20 a year.

Finally, make the most of your membership!

Once you have become a member, get involved!  Connect with us by going to one of our three group pages below (Birmingham Branch, Younger Members Forum, or UAB Student Chapter) and by checking out our GET INVOLVED! page with information on how to be an active member throughout the year.